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South China Morning Post: Shelf Company Offers Benefits If you are a busy businessman who can’t stay long in HK for incorporating a new company, buying a ready-made company might help you grab your urgent deals and start the money transfer right away. To purchase a shelf company, you have to choose a company from the shelf-company list, and the whole process can be finished in just 2 days. However, limited choice of company names on the shelf-company list and maintenance fees which come shortly could be the limitations of a ready-made. For those who worry about the history of the shelf company, Fion Sen, Managing Director of BRIDGES, suggested that finding an experienced, sizable and reliable business provider is a crucial step when purchasing a shelf company.


South China Morning Post: Companies Built with a Cause - Setting up a Club or Charitable Organisation Establishing a company as a non-profit organisation in HK is similar to setting up a commercial one, only that such company is registered as limited by guarantee, meaning the company does not have shares, but its members are still protected from personal liability for the company's debt, just like with a company limited by shares. A guarantee company is often used as a device to set up a club, association or charitable body. "The applicants need to present the business activity plan for the next year, including the timeline, name and venue of the activities, and the name of any partners," said Fion Sen, "If a guarantee company would like to be exempt from tax, it must be established for purposes which are exclusively charitable according to law and submit a tax exemption application to the IRD for approval."


South China Morning Post: Establishing Work-life Balance in Hong Kong’s Workplaces Work-life balance is an important measure to improve staff engagement, productivity and sense of belongings, and result in better retention. BRIDGES recently organized a seminar for its clients to support them in achieving a better work-life balance for their staff and fostering employee loyalty. Two approaches fitted to HK’s workplaces are suggested: One is to maintain a happy workplace, especially with more lifestyle activities during working hours, and the other is to make the employees feel proud of their company with experiences and reasons, such as providing health-related or inspirational learning sessions at lunchtime, setting up food tasting pop-up stalls to create opportunities for people from different departments to interact and socialize, or offering special treats like a free massage that can energize the team for the rest of the week.

In our experience, BRIDGES is a highly professional and responsive company to work with.
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  • BRIDGES is honoured to receive prestigious awards from social organisations and reputable businesses in recognition of our efforts.

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