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BRIDGES has Jointed the Equiom Group

Today is the day! We are excited to announce that BRIDGES has officially joined the Equiom Group big family! As a whole, our larger team will give you a greater depth of resource and delivery capability via this strengthened international platform - continuously supporting your expansion into Asia, Europe, Americas and Middle East.

Know more about our wider spectrum of global corporate solutions from Business Start-up, eBusiness, Int’l Accounting & Tax, Fiduciary Trust & Funds to Aviation & Yachting here:


Thanks OCBC Wing Hang for the 'Valued Partner 2017' award!

Our great pleasure to be awarded as the 'OCBC Wing Hang Valued Partner 2017' for the close working relationship with the bank in providing assistance for start-ups to open their HK bank account and kickstart business.

Such an enjoyable night this Tue with the ceremony, the giggles and all exquisite nibbles. Thanks again and let's help more entrepreneurs smoothen their initial ride in HK!


Client blog / 'How I Set up Shop in Hong Kong?'

We're glad to share our client Mr. Krämer's blog here, on WHY & HOW he opened his HK company with us which we think you may find interesting.


Mr. Krämer :
➡ HK has a reliable legal system with european roots & ranks high on every list measuring the ease of doing business.
➡ The whole process is straightforward, fast, & not overly expensive. BRIDGES patiently answered all my questions in a very timely fashion.
➡ Low corporate taxes + stable currency. Only profits sourced in HK are taxed at 16.5%. Plus the HK Dollar is stable (not tied to the Euro).

Read full blog:


Fascinating birthday treat for BRIDGES clients

We are honored to cooperate with the world’s leading travel site - Expedia, to offer our serviced office and virtual office clients an exclusive 10% OFF on worldwide hotels booking as our surprising birthday present. Hope you all like it!


Newspaper interview: ‘A taxing time for businesses’ has come

HK companies like yours might have received the Employer’s Return & Profits Tax Return on 1 Apr from the IRD. If you don't have sufficient time to complete your tax returns on or before 30 Apr, the good news is that you can apply for permission for late submission. “The length of extension is usually seven-and-a-half months from the end of the company’s financial year.” said Fion Sen, Managing Director of BRIDGES.

To read this interview, please access:


BRIDGES cooperated with HKSKH for the first time to hold an Easter party for Pakistani children

Easter is coming soon! BRIDGES cooperated with HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre - Services for Ethnic Minorities in Apr to hold an amazing Easter party for Pakistani children living in HK.

Bringing happiness and warmth to a group of energetic kids, we organized different fun activities such as the Wind Blow Game, BIG TV Game and Little Teacher Time. Little Teacher Time was the most memorable session: we faced difficulties in Pakistani pronunciation, but had a lot of fun with the children while learning a whole new language in this interesting way.


Taxation seminar organized by BRIDGES was held in Apr for entrepreneurs & founders

Thank you to all participants of our 'TAX Efficient Tips & Strategies for Entrepreneurs & Founders in HK' seminar that was successfully held on 10 Apr. Via this seminar, we provided tax planning insights to HK start-ups and SMEs, and answered their hot queries with our advice.

Hear what one of our attendees - Bruce said: "It was a great event yesterday. I learnt a lot and clarified some key tax information. I would strongly recommend the event to other entrepreneurs and founders, particularly foreigners."

Stay tuned for more upcoming seminars!


Newspaper interview: ‘A decade of successful growth’

A brilliant journey. We can't wait to celebrate our 10th anniversary with you.

"Starting out in 2003, our development over the past decade demonstrates the changing needs in the business centre industry," Fion said in an interview with the South China Morning Post. "On top of the administrative support, BRIDGES was among the first to provide quality value-added business solutions like company setup, accounting, tax planning, offshore claims, payroll, work visa and many more. We have grown to an eminent platform in helping expatriates well establish their HK business presence."

To view this interview, please access:


Our volunteers cooperated with BGCA in this autumn to organise a farm adventure activity

Cooperating with The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association, our volunteers brought a group of underprivileged children to a green farming and treehouse adventure activity in this Oct, by which the children could experience hands-on farming and receive our green living message in a very interesting way. We also made use of the treehouse to create a fun self-challenging time for the courageous kids. 


Thanks for the enthusiastic response to BRIDGES Oct FREE seminar - 'SUCCESSFUL TIPS to Get Your Working Visa / Investment Visa'

A sincere thanks to the participants of our 'SUCCESSFUL TIPS to Get Your Working Visa / Investment Visa' seminar held on last Thu! 

Thank you for all your positive feedback and great support:
Jimmy: "It was very informational and good for those who are new to HK visa rules and regulations. I think what makes the BRIDGES service stand out is that you have had a good level of experience with visa applications so I'm sure this helps the others who are applying through your assistance."

Susan: "That was an awesome presentation! It is very informative and shows that you know all about the services that you provide, right down to the smallest detail. Thank you very much. It was a pleasure meeting Fion and Agnes."

Our another well-liked legal topic seminar focusing on commercial law & dispute resolution is coming in Dec. Stay tuned for registration information.


BRIDGES Aug FREE seminar - 'Starting Up & Growing Your Business in HK with PayPal' was successfully held

We were glad to host a specially-designed complimentary seminar ‘Starting Up & Growing Your Business in HK with PayPal’ for our start-up and SME clients in this Aug. In the seminar, we shared how an entrepreneur can take hassle-free steps to start his business in this number one city in Asia, and also tap the m-commerce market by using PayPal.


BRIDGES Video Channel | All You Need to Know About HK Company Setup

Watch this video to get our useful advice on setting up a company in HK, covering company structure, name, tax, banking and lots of FAQs.

Check this out to explore more today:


BRIDGES Video Channel | Need a One-Stop Shop to Grow Your Biz?

Need a helping hand in HK Company Setup? Accounting? Payroll? Work Visa? Whatever you need as a start-up, we’re here to save your hassles.

Check out our hot new video on YouTube today!


Newspaper interview: ‘Bank on a complicated process’ in recent days

This Apr, South China Morning Post has conducted an interview with us on the issue of setting up a company bank account. Actually, setting up a bank account can seem more complicated than setting up the firm itself. "In HK, the guideline to opening a company bank account has always been relatively rigorous," says Fion Sen, Managing Director of BRIDGES. "If the business owner is not well-prepared, it can be quite a distressing and time-consuming process, and the request could be even rejected."

To view this interview, please access:


BRIDGES would like to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!

'LIKE' our Chinese New Year ecard if you're happy to share the good fortune:
We wish you luck and prosperity in the Year of the Snake!


We wish you a Merry Xmas & a Prosperous 2013!

Give our Xmas ecard a LIKE if you can feel the festive joy that we want to spread to you:
Wishing you a joyous holiday season and a satisfying New Year!


BRIDGES Video Channel | Need a Premier Office in Hong Kong's Core?

Check out our latest video on YouTube! Envision yourself in BRIDGES's sumptuous environment ... ... why not enjoy it from now on?


Come and join us on LinkedIn

Follow our LinkedIn company page to get our latest corporate news and connect with us further:


Brand new BRIDGES Facebook page is launched!

Our Facebook page is just revamped. Come engage with BRIDGES and give us a LIKE:


Our team has joined 'Ethnic Minorities Guided Tour' with the aim to get closer to ethnic minorities in HK

Target to explore more about the lives of ethnic minorities like Pakistanis, Indians and Nepalese in HK, we have joined a guided tour arranged by HKSKH and visited the ethnic minorities' popular places such as daily necessities store and restaurant to understand more about their culture.

This tour is very meaningful for us as it not only lets us interact with the ethnic minority groups directly, but also shares the message that understanding and respecting each other is important in building harmony in the community.


Newspaper interview: ‘Striving for excellence’ is BRIDGES's mission

Co-founder and Managing Director of BRIDGES, Ms. Fion Sen was interviewed by South China Morning Post in July, talking about how she set up BRIDGES in 2003 and developed the company into a continually growing platform that provides the clients with upmarket office services and also quality advisory services such as business startup solutions. She wanted BRIDGES to act like a business hub ready to serve and help people start their venture in HK.

To view this interview, please access:


BRIDGES is on Visa's press article: Visa Helps Businesses Connect

As a long-term business partner of Visa, BRIDGES described mobile business is the way of the future in the article, and that the Visa Commercial Directory smartphone app could provide a great platform for companies like BRIDGES to promote their professional services to target business people.  


Recent BRIDGES video interview by Visa on how Visa smartphone app benefits its partners & cardholders

BRIDGES was recently interviewed by Visa Card on Visa’s newly launched smartphone payment app, as a long-term business partner of the famous payments company. Ms. Fion Sen, Managing Director of BRIDGES, explained how this new app benefits both sellers and cardholders.


BRIDGES Charity Projects - Dreams Come True Sponsorship Scheme

BRIDGES is delighted to announce the launch of our new charity project coopeated with The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of HK: ‘Dreams Come True Sponsorship Scheme’. The aim of this scheme is to provide local underprivileged children with an opportunity to realize their dreams.

To know more, please access:


BRIDGES has been awarded Caring Company for 5 consecutive years

BRIDGES is honored to receive the Caring Company Award for 5 consecutive years from HKCSS, in recognition of our efforts in contributing to the society: caring for the community, caring for the employees and caring for the environment.


Ronald McDonald House® presented the Volunteer Long Service Award to BRIDGES

On 11 Feb 2012, BRIDGES had participated in the meaningful Volunteer Appreciation Day, an annual volunteer appreciation party held by Ronald McDonald House Charities Hong Kong. As a long-term charity partner of Ronald McDonald House, we were honored to receive the Volunteer Long Service Award from the organisation, in recognition of our commitment in serving those kids suffering from serious illness.


BRIDGES team has participated in World Vision’s Spring Charity Barefoot Walk for Children 2012

Our team has participated in the ‘Spring Charity Barefoot Walk 2012’ held by World Vision on 28 Jan, with our work colleagues, families and friends. We put our helping hands together to raise funds and walked barefoot like those children in Africa - aiming to taste how it feels.


BRIDGES is glad to be invited to the InvestHK’s Annual Global Community Reception 2011

Mr. Simon Galpin, Director-General of Investment Promotion at InvestHK hosted the Annual Reception on 15 December 2011 to thank the foreign companies for their investment in HK in the year of 2011. We were very glad to participate in this event and meet many of our clients there. 


HK Working Visa seminar arranged by BRIDGES is held in Oct for expatriates & foreign businessmen

BRIDGES is glad to host a specially-designed FREE seminar ‘Successful Tips to Get Your Working Visa’ for our expatriate clients in this Oct. For people who cannot attend this seminar due to limited seats, consultation can be conducted with our visa team by email your request to us.

Stay tuned! More seminars will be arranged in the coming year for your registration!


BRIDGES FREE seminar on the topic of Corporate Coaching is successfully held in Aug

The ‘How Corporate Coaching Works for Company Long Term Development?’ complimentary seminar for SMEs arranged by BRIDGES was successfully held on 19 Aug. The seminar seats were fully occupied and we thank all attendants for the enthusiastic participation.


BRIDGES cooperated with Ronald McDonald House® again to organise a summer volunteer activity

On 6 Aug, BRIDGES cooperated with Ronald McDonald House Charities again to organise a summer activity named ‘BRIDGES Family Fun Gala’. The aim of this activity is to bring love and happy moments to not only the cancer-afflicted children, but also their parents.


BRIDGES FREE seminar on the topic of Taxation & Auditing Strategies is successfully held in Jun

The ‘Successful Taxation & Auditing Strategies for SMEs’ complimentary seminar arranged by BRIDGES was successfully held on 17 Jun, with the purpose to provide professional advice and tactics on a company’s financial category for our clients to pay attention.

Stay tuned and we will organise another corporate seminar in Aug for your registration!


BRIDGES is honored to be awarded as Caring Company for 4 consecutive years

BRIDGES is honored to once again receive the Caring Company Award for 10/11 from HKCSS, in recognition of our efforts in contributing to the society: caring for the community, employees & environment. This is the fourth consecutive year that we have been awarded as Caring Company.


Legal Advice & Networking Event at BRIDGES (3:30pm on 18 Mar)

Date: 18 Mar 2011 (Friday)
Time: 3:30 - 5:00pm
Venue: 20th Floor, Central Tower, Central
Topic: Legal Issues New Statup Business Needs to Be Aware Of
Fee: Free of charge

We are excited to invite you to our special event in this Mar, with the chance to meet Mr. Philip Li, an experienced solicitor in litigation field. RSVP today to ensure your place!


BRIDGES volunteer team serves 90 elders living in TWGHs by holding a fun Chinese New Year party

In this Feb, BRIDGES cooperates with Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (TWGHs) again to organise a CNY party for 90 elders living in the hostel. We sing some Chi opera songs and classic old songs together happily, and brought a big surpirse to them by sending the God of Wealth there!


BRIDGES volunteers cooperate with BGCA to organise a Christmas party for underprivileged children

Christmas is coming! BRIDGES cooperates with BGCA again to organise a festive party ‘Crazy Christmas Super Fun’ for a group of deprived kids coming from new arrival families. Besides of festive celebration, we aim at teaching them the Western table manners in a very interesting way.


Be thrilled by a wealth of Christmas treats prepared by BRIDGES

Your continuous support is always invaluable to us. As a thankful X’mas gift, we have prepared 2011 calendar set at the reception for our clients to pick up. What’s more, our team has selected the elegant Sparkling Rose for presenting to all our valued in-house clients in this X’mas!


BRIDGES cooperates with HKTB in Extending Privileges to ‘Business Right Here!’ Campaign

From 1 September to 31 December 2010, a series of fascinating offers are extended to Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB)’s ‘Business Right Here!’ Campaign, a program dedicated to international buyers coming to visit trade shows in Hong Kong.


BRIDGES has been invited to the Chief Executive’s Reception organised by InvestHK

On 22 June 2010, Mr. Donald Tsang, the Chief Executive of HKSAR hosted a CE’s Reception at Conrad Hotel to thank a group of new or expanded foreign companies for their contribution to the Hong Kong economy. It is BRIDGES’s honor to have been invited to this event.


BRIDGES has won the ‘Success Breeds Success: Ad Success Stories’ contest held by SCMP

We are glad to share with you the good news about BRIDGES’s winning in the ‘Success Breeds Success: Advertising Success Stories’ contest held by South China Morning Post (SCMP)! We believe our commitment to delivering the best will surely put your business at an advantage.


BRIDGES volunteer team organises a Mother’s Day activity at Ronald McDonald House®

BRIDGES cooperates with Ronald McDonald House Charities to organise a Mother’s Day activity named ‘In Love with My Mom’ for a group of children recovering from cancer and their great mothers to join.


New face! Whole new look at the Central flagship centre!

The new face of BRIDGES’s Central flagship centre is ready to impress! Come over and enjoy the luxurious meeting room, boardroom, or even the relaxing café lounge, you’ll feel the real difference. We hope you love this new face new look at BRIDGES!


Hot opening! New location at the landmark Lippo Centre!

We are excited to announce BRIDGES’s second location at the landmark Lippo Centre, in the heart of the Admiralty district. As a climax of the Grand Opening day, we have proudly invited Mr. Simon Galpin, Director-General of InvestHK, as our special Guest of Honor.


FREE Working Visa seminar is successfully held by our experienced counsellor in Sep

The ‘Successful Tips on Getting the HK Working Visa’ complimentary seminar held by BRIDGES is successfully delivered to our valued clients, with the aim to provide our tips and advice on how to get the HK Working Visa in the most time- and cost-efficient way.


BRIDGES volunteers cooperate with YMMSS to organise a fun activity for Tin Shui Wai kids

BRIDGES cooperates with Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service (YMMSS) to organise a volunteer activity named ‘Let’s TEAM Up!’ for a group of children living in Tin Shui Wai, aiming to help develop their social and interpersonal skills through different challenges.


BRIDGES is glad to affiliate with Wing Lung Bank in offering selected privileges to its clients

We are glad to partner with another banking institution: Wing Lung Bank in providing a range of selective privileges to its corporate clients.


BRIDGES volunteers cooperate with BGCA to arrange an outdoor activity at the HK Wetland Park

An outdoor activity ‘English Fun in Wetland’ is organised by BRIDGES for a group of deprived kids from The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong (BGCA). Through a series of fun games and English teaching sessions designed by our volunteers, the day is full of love and warmth.

Not only providing office in the right location, BRIDGES also offers all service requiring by a multinational firm.
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