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Hong Kong Accounting, Audit Arrangement Overview | Bridges HK

Accounting and financial functions are remarkably important for you to stay on top of your financial performance and comply with the financial reporting requirements in Hong Kong. At BRIDGES, we offer a lot more than just preparing periodic financial reports. Our in-house qualified accounting team and selected professionals are committed to work closely with your company and thus help you manage your different time-consuming financial work like accounting, auditing arrangement, tax reporting, tax compliance and strategy in a professional and hassle-free way.

You have provided us with excellent service and competitive pricing to meet all our business needs.
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  • In this video, Fion discusses how taxes work for offshore companies (like Seychelles, BVI, etc.) set up in HK.
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  • BRIDGES provides one-stop services range from company setup to secretarial support for you to start your venture in HK.

You can set up your company in as fast as 2 days, with our all-round assistance and FREE consultation provided.

Company secretarial services are provided here by helping you report required duties to the Companies Registry.

Without the cost of a physical suite, you can run your office virtually everywhere while having a prestigious image.

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