Communication is a crucial step to enhance business relationship with your target. Knowing that your clients and partners might spread all over the world, BRIDGES is here to provide you with high quality video conferencing solutions and useful reminders for you to note before running a video conference:
1. How Far Is It from the Major Transportation to BRIDGES?

It takes only 5 minutes from MTR subway to our 2 Centres situated in the heart of Central and Admiralty. If you are travelling from our Centre to Tsim Sha Tsui, it takes less than 10 minutes; if you are coming from Hong Kong International Airport, you just need 30 minutes’ drive. Our convenient premium locations save much of your travelling time and provide you with quick access to other major transportation just a few steps away.

2. How Many Rooms Do You Have & How Many People Can You Cater for?

We have 2 video conferencing rooms in Central and 1 video conferencing room in Admiralty. Our rooms can cater for 1 - 15 people to conduct a video conference with global parties.

3. What Does Your Video Conferencing Package Include?

Our package is inclusive of conference room usage with central control system, Polycom HD Video Conferencing equipment, LCD TV dual screen, connection by using IP or ISDN, point-to-point or multi-point connection, wireless broadband Internet access, local phone calls, professional receptionist services, complimentary coffee / tea / water, note pads and ball pens, and 1 trial testing (24 hours in advance). Whereas connection by IP is free of charge, ISDN charges are varied depending on the target country. Additional fees might be applied for multi-point connection.

4. Can I Conduct Video Conferencing in Midnight Hours?

Sure! Our Video Conferencing services provide 24 hours, 7 days support. It is very common for us to have the video conference call held at late night HK time to match up with the US office hours. We also welcome you to have your video conference held on Saturday, Sunday or Public Holidays, with our stand-by technical support available.

5. What Dialing Methods Do You Provide?

BRIDGES is experienced in both IP connection and ISDN connection. Today’s IP connection is rather stable with much lower cost compared with ISDN connection. On the other hand, the advantage of using ISDN is that it assures you of a very stable connection and smooth images of HD video conferencing calls.

Our IP connection (dial in / dial out) is free of charge with up to 4Mbps speed, while ISDN charges for dial in are HK$600 per hour, and dial out charges are varied depending on the destination country. The speed of ISDN is up to 384kbps.

6. Can I Conduct a Video Call Testing in Advance?

Yes, we offer 1 free trial testing for conducting 24 hours in advance. If you have picked ISDN connection, testing fees might be applied.

7. Can You Show Both the Live Video & My Presentation File Simultaneously?

With BRIDGES’ advanced video conferencing solution, you are allowed to instantly share a live view of your computer screen with remote attendants during the conference. The 'People+Content' function enables you to share the PowerPoint presentation slides, business applications, website contents, images, or anything else you would like to show from your computer screen with the far end participants. By using our fabulous LCD dual screen, while the presentation content is shown on one TV screen, the presenter’s view will be shown on another TV screen simultaneously.

Also, video and audio stream from different countries can be added in the conference for several parties to participate in the meeting and discuss with each other in real time.