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7 Tips to File Hong Kong Tax Returns Properly
Someone might have told you that you don’t need to file your Profits Tax Return if you have no income, is that true? And, can the tax filing deadline be extended?
Find out our tips and secrets here. Learn More
Benefits of Filing via BRIDGES? Can I Use e-Filing?
To make sure all your tax returns have been managed carefully and will be filed to the IRD by hand, appointing a reliable agent to do it for you could be the most
hassle-free option. e-Fling is a good way too but it is applicable to… Learn More
Hints & Budget for Efficient Tax Planning
Do you need more advice on constructing your tax plan and knowing the budget involved? At BRIDGES, tax filing fees are: Employer’s Return: HKD500 / staff; Profits Tax Return: HKD1,000; Personal Tax Return: HKD1,500. More about Tax Planning