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Details of ALL-IN-ONE Package for Founders Grid Members :

Finding a reputable company in HK to help you incorporate a company is challenging. If you search online, you'll be presented with hundreds of companies offering you a quick solution. While there are no doubt some reliable and trust worthy companies out there, there are just as many incompetent service providers. It's essential you set up your HK offshore company with someone who is trustworthy, knowledgeable and professional.

I have been working with Bridges Executive Centre since founding Founders Grid and have had the pleasure of getting to know Fion, the founder and managing director and Agnes, the business development manager very well. Heck, I was practically living in their offices on my most recent trip to HK (and was luckily spoilt with the best egg tarts I've ever had in my life).

Egg tarts aside, they are 2 of the most professional and knowledgeable people I know when it comes to answering questions about setting up and managing a HK or offshore company. Bridges has been in business for 10 years and have helped over 8,000 clients incorporate and grow their business in HK. They have some of the most impressive offices I've seen and the whole team are among of the most friendly I've encountered on a corporate level.

Here's what one of FG members Vukan wrote about Bridges recently:
"Thanks for providing useful advice everyone, and a special thanks to the amazing team at Bridges Executive Centre for providing a great incorporation service and setting up everything when I arrived at HK. :)"

Yes, Bridges is not the cheapest service provider out there, but when it comes to incorporating your company and relying on solid knowledge and advice, it makes sense to pay a little more for the peace of mind that your company is in good hands. I've been working with the Bridges team to get you guys and girls the best deal they have ever offered.

The TWO packages we have put together for you to select are exclusive to Founders Grid members, and are not possible to get elsewhere. Wanting Bridges to confirm is the best package available for you all, they responded with "This is our best EXCLUSIVE rate just for your members".

This incorporation package covers everything you need to get set up for a HK or Seychelles offshore company and get going for the first year. Here's what the package includes:

1. Hong Kong Business ALL-IN-ONE Package

  • Hong Kong Company Formation (included ALL Government fees)
  • 1 Year Virtual Office (with mailbox to keep all your mails)
  • 1 Year Company Secretary
  • Full Assistance with Opening up a Bank Account and PayPal Account
  • 1 Month Refundable Security Deposit for Virtual Office (HK$450)
  • Petty Cash for Miscellaneous Expenses (HK$500)

The exclusive rate is HK$16,140 (original: HK$17,350) - Enjoy a saving of HK$1,210!

2. Seychelles Offshore Business ALL-IN-ONE Package

  • Seychelles Offshore Company Formation (included ALL Government fees)
  • Certificate of Incumbency for Opening up a Bank Account
  • Certified True Copy for Opening up a Bank Account
  • Full Assistance with Opening up a Bank Account and PayPal Account

The exclusive rate is HK$10,380 (original: HK$11,500) - Enjoy a saving of HK$1,120!

If you are ready to go ahead, complete this form and Bridges will be in contact with you within 24 hours (please allow a little longer over the weekends) to get the process started.

Have any questions? No worries. Feel free to ask here and a member of the Bridges team will answer your questions.

Be sure to reach out to them to get your incorporation process started well. Their knowledgeable staff, fast turnaround time, fair pricing and full range of maintenance support tell why you will love Bridges.