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Hong Kong Company Formation, Company Registration | Bridges HK

There are 2 ways of forming a limited company in Hong Kong: by either setting up a whole new company or purchasing a ready-made company (or named shelf company).

For case of whole new company, you can specify your preferred company name, but the registration process time is relatively longer. For case of ready-made company, you have to select your company name from a given list which includes never-used shelf company names, but the processing time will be shorter.

  • Service Package
  • Company name search
  • Certificate of Incorporation (includes HK$1,730 Government fees)
  • Business Registration License (includes HK$2,250 Government fees)
  • 10 copies of Articles of Association in English
  • 1 copy of Articles of Association in Chinese
  • Share certificate book
  • Company chop, authorized signature stamp and common seal
  • Green box with company name printed on
  • 1st year company secretarial services (HK$2,500 per annum)
  • Complimentary opening bank account arrangement
    • 5 certified true copies of company documents for opening bank account
    • Prepare a board minute for opening bank account
    • Arrange and make appointment with bank representative to open your bank account at our centre or nearby branch
  • Note:
    - For ready-made company, there will be an extra set of documentation and
      contract transference that are included in the service package.
    - Service package without company secretarial services and certified true copies
      is available at HK$8,400 (US$1,140) only.
  • Minimum Requirements
  • 1 director
  • 1 shareholder
  • 1 company secretary (we will be your company secretary for the 1st year as complimentary services)
  • Processing Time
  • Ready-made company: approx. 2 working days upon signed confirmation.
  • All-new company: approx. 10 working days upon signed confirmation.

All nationalities with Hong Kong residence card are eligible to form a sole proprietorship kind of unlimited company or partner up with a HK resident to form a partnership kind of unlimited company. This entity is suitable for business start-up because of its low maintenance cost and affordable annual government fees, yet the personal liability is unlimited, meaning if the company incurs debts, there is no protection for the owner’s personal assets. At BRIDGES, our full-fledged team can help you establish an unlimited company in HK, whether it is a sole proprietorship or partnership, by handling the whole application for you.

Representative office is established by a foreign company to engage in business liaison in the selected country. However, it is not allowed for the office to directly involve in operational activities. In general, a representative office can be set up before an incorporation of limited company, as the first step to enter local market and test the business environment in Hong Kong.

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  • Watch this video to get our useful advice on setting up a company in HK, covering company structure, name, tax, banking and lots of FAQs.
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  • BRIDGES provides one-stop services range from company setup to secretarial support for you to start your venture in HK.

Our virtual office plan provides you with a Hong Kong registered office address for your business registration use.

We have years of experience in helping our start-up business clients handle accountancy and taxation.

Our professional counsellor is fully versed in assisting the expatriates in obtaining a Hong Kong work permit.

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