The HK 2022-23 Budget
Preserve the Vitality of the Economy, Relieve People’s Burden, and Support Enterprises
Some HK 2022-23 Budget takeaways that might be useful to you:
  • Salaries tax and tax under personal assessment for the year of assessment 2021/22 would reduce to as much as 100 percent, subject to a ceiling of $10,000
  • The loan ceiling per enterprise of the Special 100% Loan Guarantee under the SME Financing Guarantee Scheme (SFGS) would increase to $9M, and the maximum repayment period would extend to 10 years
  • Business registration fees would be waived for 2022-23
  • The pandemic-relief personal loan guarantee scheme would extend through April 2023, with its maximum amount guaranteed per person would increases to nine times the applicant’s monthly income, with the overall cap raised to $100,000
More You Should Know

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