(updated in 2023)

China, the world's fastest-growing market has been visited more constantly by global entrepreneurs in recent years. Since China visa's application requirements and process can be quite complicated, we have summarised a few important notes below for you to get yourself prepared before application:


1. Which Category Should I Pick for Business / Leisure Purpose*?

There are 16 China Visa categories, for which you can pick a suitable one based on your purpose of visiting China. Here are 2 commonly used categories:

Visa Category Eligible Applicants


Foreigners who intend to go to China for commercial and trade activities


Foreigners who intend to work in China

According to the above, If you wish to travel to China for business activities, you will need to apply for a China Visa in the category M.


2. What Visa Types Are Available for Application?

You may choose the type according to your needs, however certain criteria apply to some specific types and each entry is allowed to stay in China for maximum consecutive 30 days: 

Validity Remarks

Single Entry

3 months

  • Only allows one entry and one exit out of China, and entry cannot last longer than 30 days

Double Entry

Two entries are valid for 6 months

  • Allows two entries and two exits out of China, each entry cannot last longer than 30 days

Multiple Entry

6 months

  • Only HKID card holder with a previous China Visa record can apply

1 - 3 years

  • Must hold a HK Permanent ID card and have a previous 1 year Multiple Entry China Visa record
  • The original passport is valid for at least 12 to 36 months

9 years

  • Canadian / Israeli passport holder can also apply for up to 9 years entry period. The actual entry period to approve is subject to the passport validity period

10 years

  • American / Canadian/ Argentinean/ Brazilian and Panamanian passport holder can apply


3. How Fast Can I Get the Visa?

We suggest reserve at least 1 to 2 weeks staying in Hong Kong for the application process.


4. What Documents Do I Need to Submit?

Generally, you need to prepare your original valid passport, duly completed and signed Visa Application Form, one recent passport-sized photo, landing slip issued by the HK Immigration Department on your arrival, and previous China Visa record (if any), with supporting documents based on the purpose of your trip.

For those who wish to apply for the Visa Category M (Business Visa), you will be required to submit the application with a business card with your company name, address (not in China) and phone number, an invitation letter issued by a trade fair or trade partner in China, and a copy of the business license of the China trade partner.


5. What Are the Requirements for Passport and Photo?

Your passport with at least 6 months validity is required, with blank visa pages and in proper condition*. Regarding the photo, it should be a color, passport-type photo that is taken within the last 6 months against a white background and printed on high-quality photo paper, 1.5" x 2" in size and full frontal of your head without any headwear / accessories. Please click here for detailed photo requirements.

Our centre provides photo taking service if you need our help in preparing a qualified photo.

** As per the latest guideline of the China Embassy, your previous passport is required as a supporting document for the visa application if your current passport is issued within the past 3 years.


6. Can I Apply from Overseas without Actual Presence in HK?

No, you cannot. You are required to be present in HK with the landing slip shown in your passport or a HKID card shown, and for a collection of your fingerprints. Our consultant will coordinate with ou for the fingerprints collection scheudle. However, if you are not able to provide us the documents in person, you can arrange a representative to deliver or courier the passport and documents to our office and we will notify you to pick up once the visa is ready.

All of the above information is for reference use only, which is subject to change and final approval is made by the China Embassy. Please contact our visa team for more details.

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