Every time your business phone rings, an opportunity might be coming to you. Having a professional to answer each phone call is particularly important, especially for start-ups, new clients and partners can rush into you anytime, anywhere. Here are the reasons why a proper phone answering is beneficial for you : 


1. How a Dedicated Phone Number Can Benefit My Corporate Image?

It will always be good to own a private telephone number as your corporate contact, since it is an indicator of a well-structured company, with the receptionists to answer your calls in your company name and bring a professional impression. Also, you can print this dedicated phone number on your company name card to complete your corporate image.


2. Why Use a Real Person while an Answering Machine can Take My Calls?

First impression matters. When your clients or partners try to reach you, a recorded message from a monotone answering machine will never sound as pleasant as a real receptionist, who will serve your clients and inquiries with a professional tone and attitude which entails the professionalism of the company.


3. How Can I Catch Every Call Promptly Even When I Am Not Available?

When someone calls, our receptionist will transfer the call to you instantly when you are free to talk. But if you are out of the office or occupied by something else, our receptionist can also take down the message from the caller and pass it to you via email or SMS notification for you to respond afterward. Under this arrangement, no call will be left unanswered ever again.


4. My Clients Are in Different Time Zones, What Services Can Help Me?

Bridges' Voice-to-Email service can be good assistance. With this service, your incoming calls will be forwarded to our voicemail system, in which you can record a personal greeting in advance in any language according to your preference to answer calls when it's out of your time zone’s office hour. The recorded voicemails will then go to your email account, as a WAVE attachment for your retrieval and response.

A private phone number will be assigned to you too when using this service, so you can put this number in your marketing materials for your international clients to reach.


5. Can You Transfer My Calls to an Overseas Number?

Sure. Other than transferring the line to your provided local number (an office number or mobile number), we can also transfer the incoming call to an overseas phone number in real-time when you are abroad. If you are unable to answer the calls in the nighttime hours of your time zone, you can activate the voicemail system so your clients can leave a message.


6. On Top of Phone Answering, What Else can Fully Support My Business?

Phone answering service is the first step to keep close to all parties. To build a more comprehensive corporate image, you may consider using a virtual office, preferably a service plan which covers all essentials such as a registered office address to receive government mail and parcels, a phone number to handle your calls for you and monthly complimentary meeting room usage to conduct decent meetups without leasing a physical office or committing to contracts. If you are interested, you may look into Bridges virtual office plans that suit your needs at different stages.

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